1. ACCUSE is used to say that someone has done wrong
Form: Accuse + object + of + V-ing
Example: “You didn’t do your homework”
She accused me of not doing my homework.

2. ADVISE is used to give advise to
Form: Advise + (not) V-ing or Advise + object + (not) to + V-inf
Example: “ You should tell me if you need some help “
– He advised me to tell him if I need some help
– He advised teliing him if I need some help


APOLOGISE is used to say one is sorry

Form: Apologise + for + V-ing
Example: “ I’m sorry, i’ve stolen the money ”
I apologised for stealing the money

4. BEG is used to say earnestly with deep feeling
Form: Beg + object +to + V-inf or Beg + that + sentence
Example: “Please forgive me”
– I begged him to forgive me
– I begged that he should forgive me

5. INSIST is used to urge with emphasis, declare emphatically
Form: Insist + on + V-ing or Insist + that + sentence
Example: “I must go there now, I must”
– She insisted on going there then
– She insisted that she had to go there then

6. SUGGEST is used to propose, put forward for consideration as a possibilty
Form: Suggest + that + S + (should) V-inf or Suggest +V-ing
Example: “Why don’t you go to the doctor?”
– He suggested that I should go to a doctor

He suggested going to the doctor

THREATEN is used to announce something using a statement of an intention to punish or hurt someone
Form: Threaten + to + V-inf
Example: “If you come late again, i’ll give you scors”
She threaten to give me scors if I come late again

8. ASSURE is used to say positively with confidence
Form: assure + object + that + past form sentence
Example: “ I’ll be here for you”
He assured me that he would be there for me

THANK is used to express gratitude to

Form: Thank + object + for + V-ing
Example: “Thank you for coming to my party”
She thanked me for coming to her party

10. WARN is used to inform in advance of what may happen
Form: Warn + object + (not) to or Warn + object + that + sentence
Example: “Don’t try this at home”
He warned them not to try that at home

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